Microsoft Donations to Anti-Abortion Groups Targeted by Activist

Microsoft Corp. is coming under pressure from an activist shareholder group that is seeking greater transparency about political giving to groups and individuals that oppose abortion rights, asking the software giant to end donations and lobbying that might conflict with its stated support for employees accessing reproductive health care.

Tulipshare, a UK-based activist investing platform for retail traders, said it’s concerned about donations like the $3 million Microsoft has given since 2010 to groups like the Republican Attorneys General Association and the Republican Governors Association, according to the Center for Political Accountability. The center, which tracks political contributions, said the groups used donations to focus on the election of officials who fought against Roe v. Wade. Tulipshare, which has also targeted Apple Inc., Inc. and Salesforce Inc., plans to engage with Microsoft’s investor relations department, and will introduce a shareholder motion if the company fails to address its concerns, said Jenna Armitage, the platform’s chief marketing officer.